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Photo of Lee Ann WELCOME to my website. It is a pleasure to have you come visit. I'd like to show you around and introduce you to the diversity of my offerings. You will notice in the listing, I wear three different hats. The umbrella affect of MINDBODYSPIRIT Integration reveals full coverage in the scope of my services as an Integrative Counselor, Interfaith Minister and Sound Healing Guide. Nature is the backdrop of my business as our unfoldment of self is revealed in the Nature of All Things, that we may master our wandering mind and recover our Original state of Unity consciousness. Whether cultivating kinesthetic awareness in relaxation, quieting the mind in meditation, or awakening personal truths through inner journeying, a sense of balance presents in right time.

Next, you will notice my Syinthesis® Progams located at GreenSquare Center for the Healing Arts, as well as published articles/informative handouts and mini meditations. Links are a great reference and resource for you to become more acquainted with the integrative work of others and the synthesis of how we contribute to expanding global consciousness.

The nature of my work will guide you toward a more harmonic, balanced way of living. A variety of classes combine creative insights to open doors within to enhance self-awareness, emotional intelligence, spiritual well-being, and transformation of self. The ancients referred to this inner process of becoming more refined as 'spiritual alchemy.' I create a sacred space in session, class, ritual or ceremony, a type of reflection pool for serene observing and silent embrace of the moment. Clarity and stillness abounds as your essence self begins to shine forth. Through this process of inner listening, you soulfully guide yourself back to your own wisdom and strength.

I provide a heart-centered approach to soul-expansive experience. Find out for yourself. Visit a class for the first time as a compliment. Thereafter, you’ll know how to navigate among the programs and private sessions as the moment presents. Thank you for visiting. I look forward to meeting you.

"Use the light that is in you to recover your natural clearness of sight" — Lao Tzi

In Harmony -
Lee Ann

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