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"The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe to match your nature with Nature." — Joseph Campbell

Photo: Hiking on DuneI am including articles in this section that will assist you in drawing a thread of consciousness through the study of MindBodySpirit Integration. It will incorporate areas of interest to enhance your spiritual development, cultivate knowledge of our healing capabilities, as well as learning the foundational principles of stress management, relaxation and more. This section of articles will grow in time, as I will have guest authors contributing to the embodiment of this developing work.

A Contemplative, Inspirational Book of Poems

"View from the Mountaintop: A Journey into Wholeness"
Lee Ann Dzelzkalns

Image of book: View from the MountaintopThis book of poems is an esoteric interpretation of the journey toward wholeness. These words represent a sharing of life's lessons. Although our lessons are individual in nature, we can all learn from one another's experience. These lessons of forgiving, releasing, accepting, trusting, and unconditionally loving provide a conduit for the integration of mind, body and spirit—our essence. I know there is great truth to what is presented to you between the covers of this book. The gifts you may receive will be unique and individual to you.

"'View from the Mountaintop' is a gentle, clear vision of who we are and what we may achieve. It will help many realize the connection between wholeness and healing." — Larry Dossey, MD, Author Healing Words and Recovering the Soul

"Lee Ann writes of the joys and challenges of the journey into self with clarity and compassion. Readers will draw inspiration from her well of living water." — Gloria D. Karpinski, Author Where Two Worlds Touch

If you are interested in purchasing this book of poems by Lee Ann, please contact Ageless Dominion Publishing at 414-292-3900 x207.

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