Lee Ann Dzelzkalns | MindBody Spirit Integration

Inside Out - A Spiritual Adventure for Women

An annual retreat traversing the sacred canyon-scapes of Zion National Park
Springdale, Utah
October 19 - 23, 2011
GUIDES: Lee Ann Dzelzkalns & Lynn Muelbl

Photo: HikingThis adventurous spiritual journey offers lighthearted and creative insights to cultivate personal transformation and spiritual renewal. Time to relax, unwind and expand from the 'inside out'. The geometry of the spiral speaks to us of the journey's stillness deep within, foraging upward to the expansive heights of the canyons peaks.

From nurturing meditations to soulful hikes, purifying rituals to sound healing sessions, sacred symbolic teachings to personalized astrology. The diversity of experiences will yield a unification of personal and group truths.

Photo of Antelope CanyonRejuvenate in the beautiful, majestic vistas and canyons of sacred space. Celebrate and revitalize your soul's purpose, while experiencing aliveness of spirit and spontaneity of a joy-filled heart.

For Women interested in synthesizing their body, mind, heart and soul in an adventurous, spiritual endeavor with 'The Nature of ALL Things.' (This annual adventure begins in Fall 2011).

The Fall 2012 adventure is an invitation to both men and women. More information to come: If you are interested, please contact Lee Ann now, as the list as begun on its own.


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