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Photo of Lee AnnMy formal business name is L A Consulting, Inc. with sister companies, The Ministry of Wholeness and AGELESS DOMINION PUBLISHING®. I have been specializing in MindBodySpirit Integration since I was ordained an interfaith minister in 1999. Prior to this time the MindBody Connection was my domain.

With a B.S.W. and a Master's in Exercise and Sports Science, I became very involved in the fitness industry, speaking at fitness conferences and writing a regular column for SHAPE MAGAZINE. I did background research for the magazine as an editor-at-large and worked closely with the editor-in-chief. I began my own exercise business in '81, which set me on my path for Fitness Consulting when I began raising a family in the mid-eighties.

After completing my M.S. degree at the University Utah and relocating back to Milwaukee, I sold my exercise business. I continued consulting in the fitness industry and began teaching part-time at UWM as a lecturer in the School of Allied Health Professions (Exercise Science). Later I became ad-hoc faculty in The School of Fine Arts in the Dance Department (Mindbody Integration) for a total of 22 years at UWM. I have studied the healing arts extensively and have been a student of the wisdom teachings for many years.

I began writing, creating and designing products to encourage personal and spiritual enrichment in the 90s. Today I have several CDs and a book on life lessons in poetic verse which is used for contemplation and transformational inner-work. I enjoy sharing with those interested in expanding their sense of self and their connection to the nature of all things.

My office is at GreenSquare Center for the Healing Arts on the second floor. I teach classes, see private clients and offer special events throughout the year. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at my email address or call me at GreenSquare.

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