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Point of Light - Lynn Muelbl

Photo of Lynn MuelblOver the past 31 years of astrological studies I have come to the conclusion that Astrology is a science and a tool for any level of consciousness to gain insight and self-awareness. A tool that gives explanation into a life or an event that is many times veiled.

The twelve signs of the Zodiac are symbols of spiritual expression. The planets associated with the signs emit magnetic energy that impact our own energy fields. The combination of a sign and a planet can be interpreted to tell a story and give clarity that is usually not readily grasped.

Photo of Antelope CanyonAs a soul-centered astrologer, I offer you a means to gain deeper insight into why you are here, what lessons you have come to learn and help you recognize your strengths and the gifts you have come to share.

Lynn Muelbl, Soul-Centered Astrologer by Appointment Only.

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