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Private Sessions - Personally Customized & 20 Minute Tune-Up

Photo of Lee Ann overlooking Lake PowellThis private personalized guided meditation is a customized experience. Lee Ann weaves together in the moment, after an interview with you, a guided visualization and meditative experience gently shifting your inner landscape. Her ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls, along with chakra realignment chimes will serve as a backdrop for the elements of vibrational healing and energy balancing to uplift you in spirit, grounding you in form.

Additionally, Lee Ann is available as a spiritual mentor to offer guidance and reflection for those of you wishing to deepen your inner journey, reawakening your soul's signature.

Whether you are interested in a private session for stress relief or deepening into transformative aspects of self, this experience will offer you an alignment of self.

Your session can be recorded, so you walk away with your own customized meditation on CD. This two hour session includes the interview, the meditation, discussion Q & As, and the CD.

$85 per session - $110 with CD
Student and Lee Ann's UWM alumni discount: $60 per session - $75 with CD

20 Minute Tune-Up - SOUND HEALING to Center Align Attune

We flex our physical muscles and our mental muscles to maintain mind-body fitness. We stretch the capacity of our compassionate heart while teaching and being of service in the world. Sometimes we find ourselves overextended physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

When we feel out of sorts and imbalanced, our energy management system may be compromised. My sound healing tune-up, based on Pythagorean principles, can offer an energetic inner adjustment; opening what is closed, while balancing what is imbalanced. Vibration of sound can calm our overall constitution, while enlivening our soul. It has a powerful effect on our consciousness. That is why I am offering this 20 Minute TUNE-UP! You will sit on a meditation cushion or chair with chakra realignment chimes nestled behind you and in front of you. As my office transforms into a sound chamber, you simply receive what is in accordance with the moment's goodness, beauty and truth.

Through self-awareness (notice what you notice and the willingness to energetically nourish yourself), you can realign, re-center and recharge your battery self.

One client described her experience as "A Spiritual Massage."

$25 per Tune-Up

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