Lee Ann Dzelzkalns | MindBody Spirit Integration

Rhythm of Life - Active Drumming Meditation & Guided Journey with Sound Healing

Facilitators: Lee Ann Dzelzkalns & Terri Siegel
Third Wednesday Each Month • 6:30 - 8:00 PM
Sept. 15, Oct. 20, Nov. 17, Dec. 15, 2010
$25 (Buy a class card and the 5th class is FREE)

Photo of Terri Siegel leading Rhythm of Life classThis authentic Rhythm of Life Class is a synthesized approach to self-awareness development, deepening the body-mind, heart-soul complex. Multidimensional in nature, the treasured, sacred voice of the hand- drum, Milltone steel tongue drum, ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls and Chakra Realignment Chimes assist participants' to shift their inner landscape, relaxing the physical, calming the emotional, quieting the mental, enlivening the soul.

Photo of  Rhythm of Life classAs you step through the inner doorway, rhythm's hypnotic effect becomes a mantra to the moment. Terri leads the first fifty minutes of earth-centered rhythms with a simple, gentle approach, skillfully facilitating participants on the drums. Lee Ann follows with a forty minute soul-centered guided meditation with sacred healing sounds. Participants shift from chair to yoga mat – open to receive – expand – transform – re-awaken. This ninety minute session reveals an unfolding essence of universal truth for each participant to discern – in right time and right action.

No musical skill or experience necessary. Please bring yoga mat, or blanket for your comfort. Wear comfortable, loose clothing. All instruments are provided.

Terri Siegel
For over twenty years, Terri has been passionately educating and inspiring people (ranging from preschoolers to older adults) connecting them with the power of musical expression. Terri is trained and certified from both the World Music Drumming and the Drum Circle Music programs. She has performed as a guest percussionist with the Milwaukee Children's Choir and toured Brazil as a guest percussionist with "Vata," a Brazilian Tap Dance Company.

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