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Poems from "View From the Mountaintop: A Journey into Wholeness"

Lee Ann Dzelzkalns

You can go through life without a clue of what it's all about.
Or take the time to go within, unfolding a purposeful route.
Your mission on earth is unique and special to only you,
It's about learning lessons, inner strength, and being true.

Others may tell you what to do as you journey down your path.
Be open in your thought, release insecurities or feelings of wrath.
Know that you have all the power within to do great things.
The answers lie at your center, dig deep, see what it brings.

How do you listen to what life's lessons really teach?
Wait for unfoldment, this will challenge you to reach.
Then the impression will come about what you are to learn,
You will open your awareness to tackle every turn.

The same lessons come back time again if you do not act,
This is more than observation, this is a universal fact.
When you get caught up in a pattern that won't let go,
Recognize what is happening, then move through it slow.

Realize that life is an educational tool striving to instruct.
The vision of what we create for ourselves isn't fate or luck.
What we do with the instruction and how we learn from it,
Is the difference between flowing in life or wanting to quit.

Life's lessons come in all disguises as you discover within,
To further your advancement here, stretching yourself to win.
It's not about winning a race, or being better than another,
It is inner love, integrity, and loving your sisters and brothers.

Know the choice is truly yours, the impression is in your heart,
You decide to learn or not, there is no trial to finish or start.

Your journey is an accumulation of everything up until now,
Respect yourself where you are on your path and lovingly allow.

Conditioned Thoughts
Open up your vision to new beginnings now,
See how conditioned thoughts restrict and not allow.
They keep you locked up in your self-imposed chains,
As you struggle desperately to make personal gains.

These conditioned beliefs have been a part of your being,
Take the time to learn from the, eyes open wide for seeing.
Face them and embrace the fact that they exist in you,
Then have the willingness to erase them to create the new.

Conditioned thoughts may perpetuate insecurities and lack,
The control itself is conditioned, unaware of its tact.
Not feeling 'good enough' is conditioning from the past,
Acknowledge these thoughts so they do not have to last.

While the ego nature is most resistant to change,
It is your spiritual unfoldment that compels you to arrange.
As you break up the old patterns conditioned within,
Your spiritualness will emerge to humbly win -

To win the essence that has always been a part of you,
Embrace the exhilaration of feeling whole and truly new.
Experience enlightenment deep with your core,
Step into your inner space, experience peace forevermore.

The rightness of this moment falls into the lap of time
Now knowing where it's going, just trusting in the rhyme.

The synchronicity avails itself of the illusions to be
Detaching self of limitations to ethereal expansion so free.

Why would we believe that chance is a guiding light and force
Eliminating the moment's trust, a divinely assisted course?

The rightness delivered is of perfection, as we make our own choice
To follow the loving, stillness within, as we trust this inner voice.

The spontaneous presents itself in myriad ways for us to see,
That our spiritual essence will open the door, free of any key.

We own the knowledge, our birthright, to be all that we are
Honoring synchronicity, trusting, reaching far.

Dance in the gentle breeze, lifting as light as a kite,
Soar in the liberated expression of the eagle in flight.

It is in the serene knowingness that inner guidance impresses the heart.

As the synchronous dance of reality blends wholeness in all its parts.

Mirror Reflection
It is in the mirror reflection that I gain perspective to see,
That what I view in you, is what exists in me.

So funny this universal law teaches us to learn,
The life's lessons clarify with each and every turn.

As we make the choice to journey toward the whole,
We reflect off one another as we justify each and every toll.

What a blessing it is to see in you the real me,
This is how we awaken ourselves, to release, to expand, to be free.

A tenacious rendition of duality exists in the guarded fear,
As we attach to our thoughts, through our shielded tears.

Sharing from the heart of compassion, the love of our souls,
Revealing the Essence of our Truth, to gain knowledge, detaching past roles.

So clear the virtue of the self, bounces from this being,
Presenting life's lessons, enlightening the self, transforming inner seeing.

The Simple
It's pure. It's basic. It's undeniably sweet.
It's the mellow encounter, it's very discreet.

It's life at the center, the original plan,
Made to be simple, not the complexity of man.

How do we fall into the trap of confusion?
Is it stress, as we obsess over the illusion
That life is meant to be struggle and strain,
To be filled with anxiety, judgment and pain?

Release these intentions, it doesn't have to be.
Retrain your brain to live happily and free.
Step off that mountain and soar unencumbered,
Your entire life can be filled with awe and wonder.

The secret of life is defined by the One,
To embrace Truth and enjoy the simplicity of fun.
It's the element of the simple that we may come to find,
To redefine the basics in the love and life of humankind.

Energy stirs in my core to awaken the sleep-filled dark
A grand illumination, a self-realization recognizing my angel's hark.
I encounter deep trust to let go and reveal what is erupting in me,
To free myself of guilt and fear, the root system I clearly see.

My depths of knowingness loosen within for conditions to release,
I acknowledge the emotions as they surface, honor them and feel peace.
Sometimes I make the choice to feel it again, forgive my and be,
Open in my heart, free in mind, my spirit available to be all of me.

I am all that I am, lovingly connected to Universal Source
Expanding conscious awareness, sharing my true course.
As I surrender and forgive, I detach and rise above,

I embrace serenity and freedom now, the truth of unconditional love.

I Am
I Am the breath you take in as you fill your core with grace.

I Am the light of heaven drawing illumination to your face.

I Am the beautiful eagle soaring strongly across the skies.

I Am the fury in the heart of the lonely one who cries.

I Am the narrow vision stretching itself to expand.

I Am the meager fallacy searching for truth so grand.

I Am the lesson in everything, opportunity to listen and learn.

I Am the vibrant reality as you unfold with every turn.

I Am the lavender-laced mountain, upon me you awaken with awe.

I Am the knowingness reflected through the eyes you longingly saw.

I Am the lifted presence you felt as you were so still.

I Am the Truth of All, I Am acknowledged through your free will.

I Am All That I Am. I Am the Light of you Truth,

I Am the Essence of All, a life of love you live as my proof.

I Am.

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