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"The first important lesson to learn, is that which subsists through music . . ." for it "possesses remedies of human manner and passions that are able to restore pristine harmony and faculties of the soul." — Pythagoras

Photo of Tibetan Singing Bowls and ChimesWHAT IS SOUND HEALING? We all agree that certain sounds and specific music makes our heart sing and our soul dance. Quite literally, the vibration of sound has a powerful effect on how we feel. Sound healing is an ancient technique of energetic healing, which quiets the chatter of the mind, transforms inner chaos to a calm, sooths physical tension, while enhances consciousness. Sound healing can restore the body to its normal vibratory frequency and balance.

"LeeAnn's ability to access 'Innate wisdom' combined with her use of 'Sacred Sound,' enable her as a loving source for Guidance, Counsel & Transformation. Her use of vibration is wielded with reverence, honoring the Sacred Sound Current. It is important to cognize that Lee Ann's unique musical instruments (together with her voice of guidance) facilitate deep 'Inner Journeying' and the expansion of Consciousness to align individuals to their True Divine Nature."
Dr. James B. Hopkins

Sound vibrates, everything vibrates, we vibrate as we sit in contemplation chant a mantra, recite a poem, hum a favorite song. Each aspect of our structure has a healthy frequency. When frequency becomes altered, that part of the body vibrates out of harmony. This is when disease is initiated. "Through the principle of resonance, sound can be used to change disharmonious frequencies of the body back to their normal, healthful vibrations," exclaims Jonathan Goldman, "Healing Sounds". 

Photo of the monochord and gongsMasters of the Ancient Mystery Schools realized sounds' true power, using the human voice as the main instrument in transformation and healing. The effect of a specific tonality in voice can be very soothing, imparting a healing quality. When we combine a melodious voice of rhythm along with healing sounds of harmonic frequencies, you have a dynamic and magnetic combination. I use my voice (as a carrier of sound) in guided imagery (spoken audio), with sound healing instruments to provide an experience of unlimited proportion. 

HOW DOES SOUND HEALING WORK? Sound is transformed into vibratory energy by the eardrum and then into electrical and chemical energy. When the brain hears different melodies, it can dispatch these melodies through the neo-cortex to the molecules of the body. Sound healing translates to healing on many levels, bringing balance to imbalance, relaxation to contraction, and release to constriction. 

As music is vibration, our emotions and thoughts are vibration too. Sound unlocks whatever may be buried within our cells – though the vibration must match. So when a message has energetically circulated through the system, from the subtle bodies (electromagnetic field of energy), through the chakras (energy centers), to meridians (energy pathways), riding through the nervous system and blood – it ends up in a comfortable receptor site. The message is carried by a neuro-peptide, also known as a 'molecule of emotion' (ie. Candace Pert, Ph.D. "Molecules of Emotion") and travels along in the stream of fluid surrounding every cell, until it finds the perfect receptor site to lock in the message (emotional code). Wow! Sound helps unlock the cellular memory, together with the intention of the guide, to produce an environment conducive to eliciting higher states of consciousness, emotional release, and remain grounded in the present moment. While we maintain integrity in thought, we can continue weaving a beautiful tapestry of resonance within the self, to remain balanced and centered. 

GUIDANCE — RELAX AND BE OPEN TO RECEIVE? I offer you guidance heaped high with affirming thought, support, love, encouragement, empowerment, and spiritual integrity. The positive vibration maintained, carried on pure intention, is a formula for healing into wholeness. As long as you are open to receive and have the willingness to do so, you will experience insights and realizations of self.  

I work with the sacred sounds of my Pythagorean Chakra Realignment Chimes,* Tibetan Singing Bowls, Milltone Steel Tongue Drum, and soon to be implemented gongs and monochord. The harmonic alignment and adjustments produced in participants is diverse and authentic to each experience. The sounds are a beautiful backdrop to the guided journey, for everyone open and willing to receive, what is in accordance with the will of their soul.

NOTE: Wolfgang Deinert, Master Craftsman and Sound Healer from Germany created my chakra realignment chimes and monochord.

PHOTO: The second photo on this page is my colleague and friend Dr. James Hopkins. His practice is in Los Angeles, California and offers Pythagorean Harmonic Healing. I am on his monochord table as he prepares for the session. He plays the monochord from underneath the table.

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