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William Meader 2010 Wisconsin Retreat

International Teacher of the Esoteric Spiritual Philosophy
The Soul of Humanity Emerges

Photo of William Meader with GroupHumanity has entered into a period of unprecedented crisis and change. In every country, people are fearful as they witness our economic and social institutions falter. To many, the world predicament feels ominous and insurmountable. Yet, it must be realized that this is not a crisis that foretells the end. Instead, it is the antechamber to a new beginning. For the first time in history, the Soul of Humanity is awakening. In this two-day event, William will deeply explore the Soul of Humanity and its emergence at this momentous time in human history. He will also discuss its implications in our individual and national lives, as well as for humanity as a whole.

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Shine Forth Study Group

Shine Forth: The Soul's Magical Destiny
By William Meader

Image of Shine Forth by William MeaderGroup study based on Meader's work, discussing the process of spiritual creativity (magic) and the recognition that the soul is the higher creative agency within every human being.

William Meader 2011 Wisconsin Retreat

International Teacher of the Esoteric Spiritual Philosophy
Holding the Mind Steady in the Light
June 18 - 19, 2011

Due to its tendency to dismiss intuition, the mind has been called the Slayer of the Real. Though this title has much merit, it is, however, only a half-truth, for the mind is also humanity's greatest gift. When rightly used, human thought has the power to reveal the soul's wisdom and conveys a deeper meaning to the circumstances of life. As such, it is equally true to say that it is the Revealer of the Real. Indeed, the mind is the agent for the soul's revelations.

In order to rightly experience the revelations emitted by the soul, it is important to "hold the mind steady in the light." This requires that we quiet our thoughts (meditatively) so that the soul's faint whispers can be inwardly heard. Admittedly, this is not an easy task. The mind is often perpetually active, and quieting our thoughts can seem elusive and difficult. Yet, through a deep understanding of the mind and its nature, we can begin to recognize how to slowly tame its unbridled tendencies. In this way, the intuitions conveyed by the soul can be sensed as they crest upon the shores of our awareness. Herein is a key to living a profoundly spiritual life. It is to learn how to utilize the mind as an instrument of reception for the Light of the Soul.

In this two-day seminar, the mind's intimate relationship with the soul will be closely examined. We will consider its role as the receptive instrument for the revelation of light. The Light of Wisdom, the Light of Intuition and the Light of Life itself (to name just a few forms of spiritual radiation) will be closely considered. In addition, the inner bridge that facilitates revelation will be explored. Sometimes called the Antahkarana, this conduit is essential to the mind's capacity to reveal the soul's wisdom and guiding light.

Being both academic and experientially designed, this seminar includes a wide variety of fascinating subjects, all of which have relevance to the subject of revelation and to walking the spiritual path. Below are some (but not all) of the topics that will be presented and discussed. I hope you can join us.

  • The nature and transformation of the mind
  • Revelation and the Technique of Light
  • Lower psychism and the problem of guidance
  • Meditation - Holding the Mind Steady in the Light
  • Prophetic revelations for the 21st Century
  • The art of blending heart and mind
  • The year 2012—an esoteric perspective

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