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S3: Students Simplify Stress

Student Discount: $15 with student ID and for my UWM alumni.
Applies to all group programs.
Private Session rate: $60 - $75 with CD

S3: Students Simplify Stress logo Welcome Students!
Life pressures can take a toll on the physical body (fatigue and tiredness) on the emotional body (sadness and frustration); and on the mental body (ruminating, obsessing and over-analyzing). As a high school student or university student, it is essential to be prepared for academic and life challenges. Fundamental skills and techniques in relaxation and mindfulness training can alter a moment of potential stress into a moment of calm understanding.

In my 22 years at UWM as an instructor of mindbody integration, I incorporated self-awareness training in every class. When the students walked through the studio door, their conditioned response was to 'simply let go.' They began transforming any sense of contraction into expansion, knowing they were going to be guided in a calming experience to release, relax and renew.

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