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Photo of Antelope Canyon wallThe unusual spelling of Syinthesis presented to me upon awakening early one morning, with an impression of clarity.

The "Yin" in S-Yin-thesis represents the sacred feminine principle, which relates in equal measure to the sacred masculine principle (Yang), connoting harmony, balance, integration and synthesis.  The sacred feminine principle is an energetic infusion bringing balance to our new Aquarian Age.

I teach about balance, harmony, equality and integration of self. The dynamic and magnetic pair of opposites complement one another, complete one another.  In the Chinese tradition Yin is mystery – hidden; Yang is revelation – revealed. Yin is absorption; Yang is radiance.  Although appearing as dual in nature, together they make the whole. They provide a profound embrace in our greatness of being unified. 

I choose to highlight Yin in an effort to create balance in our western culture's over-emphasis on Yang. This intention and manifestation of thought is required to truly achieve synthesis. 

The synthesis of Yin-Yang, is an inner secret to understanding the subtle workings in life.  When attention is captured in life's presentation of Yin-Yang, self-awareness becomes heightened – looking at the moon (Yin) we remember the sun (Yang). We recognize the importance of rest and restoration (Yin) after we have expended energy in activity (Yang).  Whether dark/light, hard/soft, within/without, earth/heaven, water/fire, these complementary natures birth an elevated awareness we could never have known without the other.  

The Yin in S-Yin-thesis represents the "Mysteries of Life" encouraging us to dig deep within the self to awaken soul's truth – the nature of 'being' synthesized in our humanness and spiritualness.   

The Yin in S-Yin-thesis is a potent registration of our true nature becoming clear, aware, balanced and harmonic. As I glimpse into the simple through the complex, the mysteries of life reveal. 

S-Yin-thesis – Purposeful in spelling, a thesis (body of work) on integration and synthesis of one's true nature evolving into OneSelf – One with All.

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